MLK on Power and Love – Excerpt From It’s Just Commerce

In the final days of Dr.Martin Luther King,Jr.’s life,he began to focus on the structural problems perpetuating poverty in the United States. In his last speech to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1967, he refers to the global pattern of poverty, “The plantation and ghetto were created by those who had power, both to […]

Heart Based Economics – Radio Interview with Angela Levesque

David Barnes was interviewed by Angela Levesque. In this podcast they discussed: Heart Based Economics New books: Taming Your Dragons and It’s Just Commerce Movies: True Grit, Wall Street, The Promised Land and more New structures in business Professor Muhammed Yunus and Social Business Click Here For Link To Podcast About: On Health and Healing […]

Do You Come from Power or Force?

In Dr. David R. Hawkins ground breaking book, Power vs. Force:The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, he describes the benefits of power and it’s lasting effects. He says, “Power appeals to what uplifts, dignifies and ennobles. Force must always be justified, whereas power requires no justification”. Dr Hawkins says, “Force always succumbs to power….Because force has an […]

Five Empowering Ways To Improve Teamwork

Good teams don’t always get along. If you’re on a team that’s stuck in limiting patterns and is struggling to find harmony, this Alignment Process movie session is a perfect way to make a shift. A Late Quartet (Yaron Zilbermann 2012) is about a team of professional classical musicians that have been touring the world […]

Maps of Truth – Excerpt From It’s Just Commerce

In Scott Peck’s groundbreaking book, The Road Less Traveled, he explains how our minds become befuddled by false misperceptions and illusions, which impedes our ability to choose wisely. He says this comes from our view of reality, which is likened to a map of truth. If the map is true or accurate, we will be […]

How Can Economics Evolve?

Our current business patterns have mastered the power of scale producing results of improved productivity, lower prices, and endless innovation. This has been one of the many strategies that have made our country successful. As economies of scale in business continue to expand, companies have become global and so large that people wonder if they’re […]

Is The U.S. Shutdown the Unresolved Civil War Pattern?

After studying human patterns, we’ve discovered that anytime something new is created, be it a company, a country, a marriage, or any entity where people come together, the existing emotional patterns will continue to resonate and ripple throughout the life of the creation. These grooves, if you will, are human patterns that have a tangible affect on those […]

Heart Solutions To Health Care In The U.S.

In our book, It’s Just Commerce, we discuss that anytime something new is created by the mind, it creates duality – some good bundled with the unpleasant. The mind wants results now and sees strength in making it happen. As a result, the mind’s expectations aren’t inclusive of others and many times the end product […]

Too Much Concentrated Power Distorts Free Markets

Conventional economic wisdom says that free-markets are efficient and many argue the freer the better. Milton Friedman known as “grandmaster of free market economic theory” fervently preached that keeping the government out of business means more freedom for all Americans. Friedman was concerned government ultimately had too much power and if allowed it would limit […]

Now Available – It’s Just Commerce

It’s Just Commerce: Returning Balance To Business is an invitation to explore the idea that your heart can be an integral part of business.When we bring heart into business we discover peace of mind and win-win outcomes for all involved. It’s possible for peace of mind in business when you start with your beliefs and intentionally […]